How Have Technological Developments Improved Ecommerce Deliveries?


In recent years, Ecommerce shipping has seen some major technological developments which have really helped to revolutionise the shipping process.

It’s never been more important for businesses to utilise the latest tech to ensure they are keeping up with customer demand. From next day delivery to online tracking – here you’ll discover the benefits these developments bring to businesses.

Automation and tracking – Boosting speed and reliability

The two main things customers want when they order a product online is speed and reliability. They especially want to know their goods will reach them on time; particularly if they’re paying for a faster delivery service. The good news is, thanks to technological advancements in automation and tracking, it’s never been easier for businesses to offer a reliable, speedy service.

In particular, the automated picking and packing service has really increased the speed at which businesses can get parcels out to their customers. It’s also helped to cut back on costs which let’s face it, is perhaps the biggest benefit to your business. Then, once the parcels are out, thanks to technology a barcode can be scanned on the package, allowing it to be instantly located anywhere in the world. This enables customers to keep track of exactly where their parcel is and when they can expect it to be delivered.

There’s even tracking apps available these days which provide an actual real-time location of where the delivery driver is, what stop he’s at and an hourly time slot of when they’re due to arrive. It’s remarkable and has really helped businesses to offer an improved shipping service which meets customer demand.

What’s next for Ecommerce shipping?

There have already been so many improvements in the Ecommerce shipping business, so what’s next for the industry? Well, drones are by far the most exciting development.

In the not too distant future, businesses will soon be offering an even speedier service thanks to flying drones. Amazon is one of the first businesses to trial this service, using flying drones to deliver packages in as little as 30 minutes. It’s revolutionary and could significantly benefit the Ecommerce industry, as well as its customers.

Flying drones are a little way off though, so for now it’s important for businesses to focus on finding a reliable traditional carrier like Consolidated Carriers. Overall, technology has truly helped eCommerce businesses to provide a faster, more reliable delivery service. If your business isn’t currently taking advantage of the latest shipping trends, then 2017 is the year to start doing so.