How Can A Homeowner Keep His Or Her Home From Burglary

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Driveway alarms can the primary line of defense for offices and homes. Such devices are very useful, because they can inform people about other vehicles or people approaching their property. People can get video as well as audio alerts if someone enters their parking space or driveways. If someone has a big house then they will know about the advantages of installing driveway alarms in their property. A driveway alarm will alert them of strangers or intruders a lot earlier than most other traditional alarms devices or systems.

There are various types driveway alarm systems. IR motion detectors will detect people add well as vehicles. However, there are possibilities for these devices to give false alarms due to pets, animals, or birds moving around in their property. When people receive frequent alerts like these, then they eventually stop caring about alarms. Hence, they may overlook genuine alerts.

Types of driveway security systems

Pressure tube sensor is another type of alarm that will have a rubber hose. Whenever vehicles drive over this hose, alarms will be triggered as a result of the vehicles’ weight pressing down on the rubber hose. Such an alarm system may not be effective as it can be seen by people, so they can avoid running over them. Moreover, the rubber hose will generally deteriorate over time.

A magnetic vehicle detector is the 3rd type of alarm. It can sense vehicles passing over or nearby the sensor. Such devices can’t be seen by intruders. So, they are pretty effective, as they don’t get to make false alarms. However, installing such a driveway alarm can be time-consuming and difficult. So, people may have to hire the services of professional driveway alarm systems service providers such as EZ CyberQuest Inc, to install the alarm system on their property.

Home security – the most important aspects

Among the three types of alarm systems, the magnetic ones is the most preferred type of driveway alarms. This is because; they only detect metal objects like vans, cars and other vehicles, but not animals or people. So, the chances for false alarms are minimal. As a result of these benefits, a lot of people switch from the traditional alarms systems to magnetic alarms. The best part is that, these alarms are buried underground, this causing no damage to people’s lawn or garden. If you are a home owner or a business owner, then you may want to install a reliable magnetic driveway alarm system with the help of a reputed alarm installation service provider like EZ CyberQuest Inc.

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