Guide Explaining the Features and Services Offered By Avaya Telephone Systems


An ideal communication system should provide flexibility, versatility, scalability, affordability, and simplicity and user friendliness to people, who are going to use it. There are various types of telephone systems available in the market these days.

Avaya PBX telephone system is one of the most popular names in the communication industry. You can find many of the top businesses to have implemented these telephone systems to serve their business communication.

Understanding the features and support service would help you make a well-informed decision.

Large integration of services

Avaya PBX systems are designed to offer a long list of technological services such as end-to-end broadband, wireless broadband facilities, VoIP, multimedia services and security and protection of the important business information.

It can be seen as a complete solution that serves companies with all the basic and advanced necessities of communication such as telephony, networking, messaging, customer management and conferencing.

Being a single and compact solution, Avaya PBX telephone system provides a large number of latest communication capabilities to help the employees work in a smart and efficient manner.

  • Remote Office and Voice Mail

This feature suits those companies that have branch offices in several different locations. Avaya PBX telephone system provides them seamless communication by way of using advanced productivity tools.

Its amazing networking capabilities enable a single centralized voicemail system to provide efficient call coverage throughout the organization. Private networking feature improves team operations and the level of connectivity between systems. The best part of this feature is that it comes without any large dedicated investments.

  • Dual function:

Avaya IP office communication systems are designed to operate both as an IP telephony server or a traditional telephone system. Vector Dubai is a recognized leader in offering state of the art communications capabilities for enterprise customers and carrier’s network.

  • Comprehensive solution:

Avaya IP enabled phone systems offer full-fledged data and voice communication solution for small and medium level businesses. Avaya PABX system offers highly unified and modular communication platform that fulfills the criteria of standalone businesses, home offices, networked head offices and branch for small, and medium sized organizations.

Support and Installation

A business communication system plays a major role in speeding up the business processes. It is very important to keep it in the best health for several years. With a robust national and international support network, Avaya offer superior level sales and support services to its clients all around the world.

Their trained and certified team of engineers is dedicated in assisting their clients for all types of phone system’s requirement. They offer the best solution for small three extension phone system, as well an enterprise level multi-location complex. Their expert coaching on every single advanced feature offered by the system help one make the most of their telephone system investment.

The extensive set features and services offered by Avaya PBX telephone system outperform all other communication technologies available on the market. Thus, installation of this reliable solution proves to be a major step in the improvement of communication in the business.