Benefits of VOIP Phones


A VOIP phone functions in the same way as a traditional one; it allows you to make phone calls to other people.  However, the VOIP phones have been becoming much more popular in recent years.  This is because they are much more flexible and user friendly than any other system available.

There are a large number of benefits associated with having a VOIP phone and using it.  Although they can be used by individuals the features displayed are generally more useful to businesses:


Purchasing a VOIP system is generally more expensive than a standard analogue phone system.  However, the cost of running VOIP phones is generally significantly cheaper.  This is because VOIP phones use your existing internet connection.  There is no need for a dedicated phone line and you are not limited by the number of conventional phone lines you have or a virtual box splitting the lines.

Combining this with the fact that most VOIP phones can be upgraded and improved as new developments occur; this means that their long term cost should be cheaper than a standard phone.


A standard line makes phone calls.  VOIP phones can do so much more!

  • Virtual numbers – To protect your real phone number or to pretend you are in an area that you are not you can actually get any number assigned to you when using VOIP. This means that you can attract customers in a different area who think you are in the same area as them.
  • Email – Voice mails and faxes can be transmitted into your regular email account. This makes it much easier for you to check your messages when you are on the move.  You can also forward these messages with just one click.
  • Productivity – A standard phone line allows someone to ring for so many times before the answer phone cuts in or the cal is transferred to an alternative member of staff. However, VOIP has a better solution to this issue.  You can nominate several numbers which need to be called at the same time.  When one landline number is called several people will think they are being called personally and one of them will answer promptly.  This equates to better customer service.
  • Future proof – Most VOIP phones are already able to be adapted and improved depending upon future technology. This means you will not need to make another massive investment in the future.  The systems you use today can be upgraded and expanded to provide the best possible service even if the company expands.
  • Access – It is possible to access your phone system from anywhere in the world. All you need is your laptop, a broadband connection and then your user name and password.  Once you have got into your system you can make and receive phone calls as though you were at the office!

VOIP phones have made it possible to video call with several people at the same time.  They are also the reason that live chat is possible.  Both of these are valuable services and emphasize that there are many more benefits to having a good VOIP system.