A Deep Insight into Devops

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Understanding DevOps Culture

DevOps can be termed as a trend-setter in software development because it makes the development and operations groups collaborate with each other while automating software delivery and infrastructure processes. The main intention of creating devops is to deliver the software much more reliably in a very less time frame by continuous cooperation between developers and Operations personnel throughout all stages of the development lifecycle. In today’s competitive IT industry, to meet the market trends, delivering a trusted software within a short span is utmost important. So, most of the software development teams are opting for devops model.  Before devops, the development team used to develop the software through Agile methodology where development and testing of the code go hand-in-hand and the operations team ensures that the software is functioning properly without any glitches. So, devops can be termed as the extension of Agile methodology beyond software development to the entire service of the delivered software.

Challenges faced during DevOps Implementation

As I stated earlier that devops brings developers and operations staff together, maintaining effective collaboration between them is of extreme importance. Developers feel the need for introducing changes to the existing software and making them available to the customers as soon as possible whereas operations team is concerned about maintaining stability of the software. So, operations personnel are against those frequent changes after software delivery because it may affect the stability of the software. This may lead to difference of opinions between the two teams. So, devops can be implemented with the effective collaboration between the development and operations teams.

Why only DevOps?

As per my understanding, devops is about a process being followed by people which involves sharing of thoughts between different groups of software development and introducing Automation which involves various tools. It also involves measurement and analysis techniques. Devops cannot be termed as a culture where process and people play a vital role in it. The way in which people regard and behave towards each other sharing their thoughts quite often and stop complaining about each other determines the way in which devops functions. Without proper culture, automation using tools cannot be successfully implemented. There are various tools for different purposes like release and configuration management, monitoring and control etc., Automation is used for performing repetitive tasks like monitoring, testing, deployments etc., efficiently thereby saving lot of time. Measurement of people, process and performance is done by a successful devops implementation for improvement purpose because improvement cannot occur without measurement. Sharing of ideas between developers and operations staff results in finding errors, prior planning, analysing the trend etc., By implementing these practices successfully, devops can be termed as an effective practice or set of effective practices which increases the overall growth of the company because of uninterrupted delivery of software, less complicated errors and providing faster solutions to the errors. There are different devops tools for different purposes like Rackspace for Infrastructure as a Service, Virtualbox for Virtualization Platforms, Kickstart for Linux OS Installation and so on.


I abstain from the idea of treating devops as a new job role or title. It is a way by which people share their ideas effectively and create a culture of working together avoiding conflicts which yields greater results. Get Devops training to kick start a career in DevOps as Devops career opportunities are increasing because many organizations are adopting devops practices because of their reliability. I think the devops area has a lot of growth potential in the future. Job on devops is exciting because you are integrating new technologies and solving new challenges. The salaries for devops engineers are considerably high when compared with usual software engineers if you are a devops expertise with a devops certification. People looking for professional roles in their careers like operations personnel, software developers, architects can learn devops course. This course prepares them for software development projects covering the entire software development lifecycle from gathering requirements to production support offering them with best software development practices and helping them in making the efficient use of software tools. There is no prerequisite for learning devops. Anyone with basic experience in IT or having basic knowledge of Linux or Networking can learn this course. I feel that devops can be a good career option if one is interested in learning it.

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