7 Good Reasons To Join Playster, The Netflix Of Books

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Our generation has become more dependent on the Internet for entertainment than ever before. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Whether you are looking to watch movies, read ebooks or just check your social media accounts, no one is exempt from the temptation of going online. For avid readers, it can get expensive to get a hold of all the books on their wish list, as most ebook and audiobook providers charge per title and this can add up really quickly. Fortunately, there is now a great solution to this particular problem.

Introducing Playster, also known as the netflix of books, an online streaming app that allows you to access ebooks, audiobooks, games, movies and music online and offline for one flat monthly fee. This app is especially handy for book lovers since it allows you to read and stream ebooks and audiobooks with zero restrictions or limits. Now, here are seven other reasons why you will love Playster:

  1. Organized By Genre

You will find the layout of Playster’s site to be really well organized. Similarly to Netflix, it contains plenty of playlists and expert recommendations, so you can easily find anything you’re searching for (as well as hidden gems you never knew about). Moreover, the books are easily browsed by genres, which span from fiction to romance to mystery.

  1. Monthly Updates

The selection of songs and titles available on Playster is continuously being updated as they sign new content deals with new publishes, also, new books and audiobooks are being added to their catalog every month. Consequently, you will never run out of great content to read or listen to.

  1. Mood-Based Sorting

An interesting aspect of the Playster experience is its unique mood-based sorting feature. This means you can select your current mood and have different titles recommended to you based on that mood. This also applies to other media types offered, such as music, games, and movies.


  1. Free Trial

Playster offers users a one-month free trial. This means infinite access to music, games, movies, and books for 30 whole days without having to pay a cent! This is great for users who are still unsure about getting the entire Playster experience and want to try it first-hand before committing.

  1. Multiple Logins

Playster allows the creation of multiple user profiles per membership, plus it also offers a family plan that will grant you up to five unique logins. This feature is especially great since not all of your family members will have the same preference in media and, this way, they won’t have to fight over who is reading, listening or watching what. Each member will be able to enjoy customized recommendations based on their preferences and enjoy a unique Playster experience.

  1. Ad-Free Streaming

The Playster experience is completely ad-free, which is really amazing. This feature is also included in the 30-day free trial and allows you to take advantage of uninterrupted enjoyment of high-quality media.

  1. Multiple reviews

Playster has been tried and tested by users all around the world and many of them have shared their app reviews, which will help you decide whether this service is right for you. You can also check out a recent Crunchy Tricks review for an updated app review of Playster.

As you can see, Playster is a great app for book lovers and provides plenty of other media, too, in order to satisfy all of your other entertainment needs along the away. So if you want to have a truly diverse streaming experience right at your fingertips, Playster is definitely the way to go!

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